Three Viewings
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Jeffrey Hatcher’s THREE VIEWINGS, set in a Midwestern funeral parlor, features three darkly comic monologues by three distinctly quirky, fascinating characters. In “Tell-Tale,” we overhear the private thoughts of a respectable, timid mortician (played by Eric Reid-St. John), pining for a beautiful real estate broker who markets to the bereaved. “Thief of Tears” spotlights Mac (Maren Langdon Spillane), the defiant daughter of an upper-class WASP family, who steals jewelry from corpses. And in “Thirteen Things about Ed Carpolotti,” a newly widowed suburban matron (played by Noni Stuart) finds her world crashing about her, only to be rescued by love from beyond the grave.

Directed by Joanne Greenberg, THREE VIEWINGS will be available for streaming June 18 @ 7pm to midnight June 27.

“Nowadays it is rare to encounter a genuine writer in the theater—someone, that is, who thinks about such things as character and structure, someone who has a genuine feel for language. So when such a thing comes along, it’s exciting…THREE VIEWINGS is the genuine article…Hatcher’s voice is one I want to hear again soon.” —NY Daily News.
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